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Business Areas

Acquisition and General Sales and Marketing Activities

Our service offer in the area of acquisition and general sales and marketing activities includes:

  • Consulting services for Iranian customers
  • Procurement of market and pricing information
  • Securing and expanding business relationships, under guarantee of a high success rate
  • Supervision of projects in the planning and budgeting phase
  • Provision of tenders, technical specifications and coordination of offer process
  • Adapting suppliers' offers to specific Iranian market conditions
  • Negotiating optimal prices
  • Initiation, negotiation and conclusion of contracts
  • Monitoring of offer submissions, evaluation of offers and grant of tender
  • Preparation of contracts, including the involvement of Iranian subcontractors (if required)
  • Monitoring of the opening of L/Cs, in compliance with terms defined in the contract
  • Collecting payment obligations
  • Project support
  • Processing and remediation of defects/complaints, with regard to delivered equipment
  • Contract implementation, including assembly and commissioning of operations
  • Ongoing reports regarding legal regulations that must be observed, as well as the use of specific forms and methods for sales activities
  • Ongoing reporting regarding specific terms and conditions of individual business cases and in particular coordination of information between supplier and customer

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