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Organizational services

In the area of organization, we are capable of supporting you in tasks, such as:

  • Procurement of entry visas
  • Procurement of residency permits
  • Procurement of working permits
  • Determination of applicable legal regulations
  • Arrangement of accommodations and residential possibilities
  • Continuous availability of specialists
  • Making available a German or an English speaking contact partner on-site
  • Handling of transports
  • Provision of office space, office materials and communication facilities, including e-mail, fax, telephone, etc.
  • Provision of driver service/car for representatives of the suppliers, and for those persons staying in Teheran for longer periods of time
  • Furnishing construction sites with communication devices such as phone, mobile phone, fax and email facilities
  • Import and export of special tools
  • Observation of regulations, procurement of permissions, customs clearance, transport
  • Procurement of missing tools in Iran
  • Clarification with regard to questions on air flights and transports
  • Replying to taxation issues
  • Solutions for insurancerelated matters
  • Support in case of accidents and sickness
  • Preparation of freight documents
  • Handling of bank documents
  • Consulting on questions regarding customs clearance
  • Proper storage facilities
  • Issuance of invoices and obtaining confirmations
  • Monitoring, checking and following up for diligent compliance with time schedules
  • Legal consultancy
  • Release of bank guarantees

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